Sunrise Healing Meditation

(helps cure cancer and other ‘incurable’ diseases)

(Please sit comfortably and relax. We are about to share with you a very simple exercise. It is easy and short, but when you use it can dramatically improve your health, even if you are meeting one of the most serious challenges in your life. )
Imagine your favourite place at the seaside. It is summer. You are on the shore of a beautiful, yet very calm sea. It is a very early morning and the sun is just about to rise. You are in your favourite clothes and this place feels so safe. It’s beautiful and you feel better and better here. You know this place and it knows you. You look at the sea and the water is so inviting. The air touching your skin feels so young and refreshing. You breathe slowly in and out. Every trouble seems so distant and far-away. You gradually forget all your previous worries and anxiety. Breathe gently, deeply and slowly. Your physical and emotional pains start to melt. You are here for a special reason, and you know it.

As you step forward you just notice the birds around that are waiting for something special. The sky is getting richer and richer in it the beautiful violet, pink and orange colours of dawn. It feels so great. You are now slowly getting undressed. You can leave your bathing suit on, or if you want, you can let go. It’s only you and the beautiful nature.

There it starts. The first brilliant part of the sun gently lifts above the peaceful horizon. You can hear the sound of the beautiful waves and their song is now even more magical and sparkling. The sunrays are making a path of gold over the surface. For you. And you slowly go to the edge of the water. Here you stop and your breath gets filled with great awe. Feel your beautiful free hair. As you close your eyes, the sun, now half risen, touches the top of your head and the center of your chest. You are smiling. It feels so warm and waves of tenderness and joy start to flow all over. You are now entering the water and it feels so great. You walk slowly into the water and this is the gentlest caress you’ve ever felt. It’s caring, warm and refreshing. You are entering the path of molten gold. And every step is bringing to you the gift of increasing bliss. Yes, you’re right, this is heaven.

And now you are swimming against the sun and this is the strangest and the most inspiring love meeting you’ve ever had in your life.

You dive and the water is so magnificent in its sparkling green and blue and sun molten gold. You are feeling great. Your body feels fantastic in this celebration of senses. You move and play under water and you look up the sun. It’s gorgeous across those waters of bliss and beauty and love. All your body is filled with awe. Can you feel your spine? It is so bright and clear. The water now washes everything away from it. It melts down all heat and removes heaviness – especially from the lower back and the base of your spine. Just feel your spine getting cleaner and brighter. You come up to the surface and you take the tastiest gulp of fresh divine air in your lungs. All your body gets filled with light and life. Your arms and legs feel so clean. It is a fantastic feeling. Now you are playing and swimming and diving and everything bad just leaves your body. All hurt, all frustration and anger is gone. Your body is crystal clear. It is filled with love and power and joy. And it bathes in gold from your head to your toes. You are a child and an angel and royalty – all at once in your body. This world is divine. And you feel as you’re a divine part of it.

At this moment you are so full of fantastic emotion, that you slow down and get silent. The sea is now your bed of sparkling jewel comfort and you lie in its embrace, just getting rested on your back. You can hear your breath loud in your years, and your loving bright heart beats against all borders of your good body. Your beautiful eyes now dive into the deepest blue and bright clear light you’ve ever seen and you let go of everything. You feel as if you can hear and feel the pulse of every living thing around. You are so full of life and peace and love.

The rhythmical waves are whispering - You are so loved, you are so loved.

And yes, you know. You are love.

The sun rays are touching your wet skin and hair and you can hear them saying – you are so beautiful, you are so beautiful.

And yes, you know. You are beauty.

The soft wind is caressing you and its touch is telling you – you are so alive, you are so alive.

And yes, you know. You are life.

(pause) And this is eternity. And so are you. You are eternal. (pause)

You don’t know how long you stayed molten in this state of bliss. But you now open your eyes and you feel born again. You swim back to the peaceful shore and every movement you make celebrates you and it celebrates life. Your heart is so open and so full of love for every living being in this world. You have compassion and goodness and love to give to all. As you step back on the shore, you stand still. And as your body gets drier, you feel this incredible power of life and love. Now you can feel something even greater is happening. Whole nature, every soul, every being seem like slowing down and watching you. They all know. And you also know what is happening. And here is what you came here for.

The sun itself is now putting a crown of golden light on your head. Just feel it. Feel the crown of gold and the love of the living sun. This honour is meant for you. You are now a king and the queen of the sun in this place. You were chosen and invited by the light of the sunrise. Your body was vested in the awe of the fresh morning. And you accepted. You said yes. And you are so happy and so serene. The feeling is so great and you are so filled with gratitude. Your body is completely relieved, it’s healed and rejuvenated. Just feel how wonderfully full of bright light and life it is.

Now you came from the light and you’re looking at the world. You can feel your mind and there is your brilliant clear good will in it. It’s shining like a precious huge diamond in the center of your forehead. You can feel it is giving you all the power in this world. You think of all those who love you and whom you love and you have a gift for them. You think of all suffering, of all the ill and depressed and all dying, and you have a gift for them also. Your heart is full. It’s full of the treasures you received in your sacred ritual. And your diamond will is full with the wisdom of blessings. Your lips start to whisper - may all ill and sad and suffering be healed and soothed. May all be filled with great hope and divine faith. May all be embraced and melt into love. May all celebrate the abundance of life and the grace of wisdom. May all be blessed! And so be it!

Yes, I am Life. And so are you.
Yes, I am Love, and so are you.
Yes, I am Wisdom, and so are you.
You are healed now. You are reborn. And you are a blessing to the world. And so it is. And so it is. And so … It is.
(end of session)

When you feel ready, you gently open your eyes with a big smile and you gently massage your body. You can practice this exercise alone and in group. Please feel free to repeat this meditation as often as you feel appropriate and share it with all who need it. Thank you. And love to you.

For more practice and exercise you can contact us at

Sunrise Healing Meditation

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